Our Fees

Investment Management Fees and Compensation

Aloha Welathcare charges a fee as compensation for providing Investment Management services on your account. These services include advisory and consulting services, trade entry, investment supervision, and other account maintenance activities. The custodian may charge custodial fees, transaction costs, redemption fees, retirement plan and administrative fees or commissions. See Additional Fees and Expenses below.


In addition, some mutual fund assets deposited in the account may have been subject to deferred sales charges and 12 (b)(1) fees and other mutual fund annual expenses as described in the fund’s prospectus. These fees are independent of our fees and should be disclosed by the custodian or contained in each fund’s prospectus. You should also note that fees for comparable services vary and lower fees for comparable services may be available from other sources.


The fees for accounts are based on an annual percentage of assets under management. The fees are applied to the account asset value on a pro-rated basis, billed quarterly in advance or arrears as determined by the client. The initial fee will be based upon the date the account is accepted for management by execution of the investment advisory contract by the Firm and the assets are transferred through the last day of the current calendar quarter.


Thereafter, the fee will be based on the market value of the account on the last day of the previous calendar quarter and will cover the period from the first day of the calendar quarter through the last day of the calendar quarter. The market value will be determined as reported by the Custodian. Fees are assessed on all assets under management, including securities, cash and money market balances. Margin debit balances do not reduce the value of assets under management.

Fees may vary based on the size of the account, complexity of the portfolio, extent of activity in the account or other reasons agreed upon by us and you as the client. Fees will generally follow the schedule of assets under management outlined below. In certain circumstances at our discretion, we may allow fees to be negotiated.

Aloha Wealthcare Advisory Fee Schedule are as follows:

Account Value                        Quarterly Fee              Annualized Fee

First $200,000                        0.0500%                      2.000%

Next $300,000                        0.375%                        1.500%

Next $4,500,000                     0.250%                        1.000%

Nest $5,000,000                     0.125%                        0.500%

In our discretion, we may add (aggregate) asset amounts in accounts from your same household together to determine the advisory fee for all your accounts. We may do this, for example, where we also service accounts on behalf of your minor children, individual and joint accounts for a spouse, and/or other types of related accounts. This consolidation practice is designed to allow you the benefit of an increased asset total, which could potentially cause your account to be, assessed a reduced advisory fee based on the asset levels available in our fee schedule. You should also note that fees for comparable services vary and lower fees for comparable services may be available from other sources.

Financial Planning Fees

Your fee for the designated financial advisory services will be a fixed fee. For a Comprehensive Planning Service the fee is $1,500.00. All Life Stage Plan(s) is $500.00 per portion of a Comprehensive Financial Plan.