Frequently Asked Questions

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What separates us from other financial advisors?

With close to 30 years of experience, I have gone through three (3) recessions, and five (5) recoveries. Having experience going through these economic cycles, I have found that tactical investment strategies using alternative investments have reduced downside risk improving performance over a period of time. By minimizing losses, my clients are able to either meet their financial goal(s) or at least come closer to meeting their goals.

What does being a Fiduciary mean?

A “fiduciary” is someone who is managing the assets of another person and stands in a special relationship of trust, confidence, and/or legal responsibility. I am required by law to always act in the best interests of my clients, beneficiaries, or retirement plan participants.

What is a Fee-Only Financial Advisor?

Another word for a fee-only financial advisor would be a NO COMMISSION advisor as a fee only advisor can only receive compensation directly from you (like a CPA or attorney) verses being paid by commissions from products they sell.

As fee-only financial advisor I cannot receive compensation from a brokerage firm, a mutual fund company, an insurance company, or from any other source than you. This means I represent you and your interests when giving you advice. After all, think about where someone's paycheck comes from, and that will tell you quite a bit about where their loyalty lies.

What is your investment minimum?

I do not have an investment minimum; however, my minimum annual fee is $1,500.